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For now, selling weed online is illegal, so I'll do the next best thing, and support people in the cannabis movement.

This is  a 420 friendly site that supports the 420 friendly cottage industries that are growing all over the world.  Mom and pop entrepreneurs, and minority businesses are especially welcome.  


There are no ads on my site, and I have not been compensated by anyone listed here

Marijuana Manifest has been ad free for almost 8 years educating people about the benefits of marijuana, and bringing awareness to junk science used in field tests to arrest civilians.  The work here earned the site recommendations from lawyers across the country, to being attacked and shut down by a hacking group calling itself the "Belarus Liberation Army".   Marijuana Manifest is the domain of Killer Bud, an overachieving stoner, who has been a marijuana activist for more than several decades.  


Making the list...

This list is a living document. Meaning things can be added and deleted by Killer Bud, to maintain the finite intention.   I don't have 420 links yet, because this is an ongoing project, but I want to share what I have so far. If you want, or do not want to be on the list,  please send an email to marijuanamanifest@gmail.com

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